Mariamor Coin Cleaner


  • SHINE ON. With just one small drop of this cleaner, your coin will polish to its original glow! Add a bit to your coin every few months, or whenever it starts to dull, and you and your coin will be back to shining in no time!
  • WORKS ON ALL COINS. With the help of an automotive partner, Mariamor has created the perfect coin cleaner, just for you! This coin cleaner will work on all metal types (at least all that we have tried it on). Confidently use it on your Mariamor pennies, dimes, nickel, or quarters, or use it on your sterling silver (large solid items work best - such as bracelets and rings, not small dainty chains) jewelry. You can even use it for your metal household items (at your own risk); or at least we do =)
  • LONG LASTING. Just one 3.5 oz. bottle of coin cleaner can last years! Since only one small drop is needed per cleaning, you can continue using this bottle for dozens of uses before needing a refill. 
  • SPREAD LOVE. Let this coin cleaner keep you wearing your coin long after you purchase it. We want your inspirational pendant to last forever and encourage you to spread love for years to come.