to share love and goodness with the world

Love Letters

The Good Hearted by Mariamor is all about spreading love and goodness in the world and helping you share your heart with others. With each order, you will receive a "love letter" from our heart to yours. It originates with us, but we have designed it to be mailable in it's format which allows it to be shared with other good hearted, loved ones in your life. We believe that letter writing is a lost art and that it has the ability to immediately make someone's day better. So let's share our good hearts and a little bit of love with the world.

Mother Teresa said, "I alone cannot change the world, but I can caste a stone that can create many ripples." With each small act of kindness you perform each day, whether it is by sharing one of our "love letters" or whether it is a random act of kindness of love you share throughout the day, know that you are changing the world with the ripples you are creating. 

We hope that these messages and notes can inspire your heart each day and that you can then in turn inspire the lives of others. Every day, spread love. 

Charitable Giving

Mariamor and now The Good Hearted have always been about sharing our love with the world and one of the ways that we do that it by giving back to non-profit organizations looking to make the world better with their Good Hearts. We are proud to have partnered with some of these amazing organizations listed below and are looking forward to continuing to connect with more people doing good in the world as we continue to grow. 


A few of our past partnerships