Where there is HOPE there is light.

    We could all use a little light in our lives. Whether it is the smile of a neighbor, a call from a friend, or some good news being shared during these uncertain times, a small flicker of light can go a long way. We all carry a light inside of us, and our job is to let it shine before others. It is said that where there is hope there is light; the two are intertwined. We believe this to be true for the light forming hope in our hearts as well. Just as one small flame can defy the darkness of a room, one small act of hope can light up an entire environment.

     As many of you know, all of our coin messages are connected to an inspirational influence each month, and this coin was no different. Last month, my 4-year-old niece was diagnosed with leukemia. Horrified, confused, angry, and sad are a few words that do not begin to cover the whirlwind of emotions that washed over me alongside this diagnosis. Trying to find meaning behind madness, my thoughts immediately turned to ways that I could help my niece, as well as the thousands of other children and young people impacted by this disease each year.

     September is leukemia awareness month and each year during the months of February and October, Mariamor donates a potion of our sales to the fight against cancer (lung cancer in February and breast cancer in October). In honor of my fierce, kind-hearted, sparkle-loving niece Sophia Grace (and so many others), we are going to be adding leukemia to this list. During the month of September, Mariamor will be donating 15% of our profits to help fight leukemia.

     The color of leukemia awareness month is orange, just like the cord gifted to some of those in the Love Club and the color of each HOPE coin now being sold online this month. (Interesting fact- The orange color comes from engraving deeply into the nickel coated coin to reveal the copper interior.)

     We hope that as we look at this coin, or other coins in our collection, throughout the coming month and year, that it can be a reminder that we must find hope in the face of fear, calm in the midst of chaos, and light in the days of darkness. No matter the hand we are dealt, there are moments to find hope and strength. So, find these moments this month and keep them close to your heart. Allow them to illuminate from within and watch as you light the world for others.

Every day, Spread Love


Mary Grace Gwin


September 04, 2020 — Mary Grace Schmidt

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